“With presence, reverence, and compassion, all things are possible.” 

Jessica Toan began as a seeker, and she happily found her home and Love here in Asheville! With a degree in Religious Studies, and a life-long interest in various spiritual arts and spiritual paths, Jess is naturally drawn to creating and holding ceremony in the name of Love. She holds no particular affiliation but instead finds truth and beauty in all.

Jess has been a wellness professional, bodyworker, and yoga instructor for over 12 years. She’s also a mother, wife, nature lover, foodie, and amateur herbalist who believes in the power of playfulness, friendliness, and joyfulness. In her spare time, she likes playing ukulele with her daughter, mountain biking, and globetrotting. Her style as an Officiant is open-minded, open-hearted, and compassionate; and she strives to create a wedding day experience that will be memorable and profound, but also light-hearted and joyful.