“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” -Rumi

Sara deeply believes that love is the path to an enriched life. She is a North Carolina native who has lived in Atlanta, Austin, San Francisco , and New York City, but then returned to Asheville in the mid-90’s, when she followed her heart and married her wonderful husband, Bob.

Sara radiates love and her spirit just shines and sparkles! We are so thankful she was a part of the beginning of our forever after.  (Susan P., Blissful Bride)

Sara lives a full and happy life, and she has many interesting facets to her warm personality. She is an outstanding vocalist who performs as lead singer for a local band in Asheville. In addition to studying music, she also has a BFA in Acting & Directing and is an accomplished actress. She appeared in the movie Forces of Nature, with Sandra Bullock & Ben Affleck, as well as several Broadway musicals, including Rock of Ages, and most recently, Phantom of the Opera. She also enjoys writing, being in nature, and spending time with her husband and Jack Russell Terrier, Bess.

Sara’s spiritual foundation has developed over the course of her life. Raised in the Christian tradition within an open-minded family, and having received loving support and wisdom from various spiritual teachers, Sara has followed her own sincere curiosity to a place of self-examination and inner growth. She finds her spiritual anchor through a daily practice of prayer, meditation, and gratitude; and she feels strongly that all paths lead to a higher power, which she refers to as God.

We adored having Sara Judy with Love & Wisdom Inc. officiate our wedding…She presented our ceremony in a loving and lively way; our guests were engaged and enthralled the whole time.  (Viana M., ecstatic client)

Sara’s compassionate and caring energy guides her on a path of intentional love and joy towards all people and in all areas of her life. It is a great honor for her to support others in pursuit of their happiest, healthiest path. And what better way to celebrate personal growth and express love, with all of its mystery and wisdom, than through marriage? Sara considers it a great privilege to be your officiant during this momentous time, as you choose to open your heart to one other, deepen your love, and begin a journey together through this beautiful life!