Marc LeMauviel

Asheville Officiant

“I’ve had the privilege of being part of over a hundred weddings. The love that is present at these times is palpable and creates such a wonderful feeling of hope and optimism. I love supporting a new couple’s exchanging of vows on their first steps of that journey, and I would be honored to be a part of your wedding.” 

~ Marc LeMauviel

Marc is a warm, welcoming, and worldly officiant who grew up in Asheville, and has left and returned home three times! He travelled the world for 17 years acquiring a diverse set of experiences as a restauranteur, photographer, actor, and professional model. He has lived all over Europe, the U.S. and Japan, and he has called New York, Miami, Hamburg, Los Angeles, and Atlanta home.

We chose Marc LeMauviel, who was perfect. From there it was easy communication and Marc gave us all kinds of templates and personalization to choose from to make our ceremony just how we wanted . . . I’m sure all the officiants are fantastic, but we are so happy we chose Marc!  (Steve M., impressed groom)

Growing up Christian, Marc felt confined by traditional religions early on. His spiritual journey has included Christianity, Unitarianism, Science of the Mind, and Buddhism. Present moment Awareness is his main focus, and as a three-time cancer survivor, his spiritual quest has deepened with each round. Finding his source within himself, he learned that the greatest tool for healing came from compassion for himself and then the world.

Being a lifelong photographer, Marc transitioned into professional photography when he was asked by friends to shoot their wedding about 20 years ago. He then spent many years shooting weddings in the U.S. and Germany. Most recently, he uses his camera to bring awareness to things that he feels need attention. His last project, “Faces of Homelessness”, documented women who have been homeless, and are now finding their way again in the world.

We had Marc as our officiant and he was great. . . We also got comments from multiple guests asking what his relation was to us because they felt he knew us so well. He did a great job, very professional, and everything went smoothly with him.  (Jen L., grateful bride)

Marc has been the face of multiple worldwide ad campaigns including BMW X5, Bose, The Wrangler Man, The Camel Man, as well as numerous television commercials and a recurring role on Guiding Light. He has also facilitated extensive relational work, helping guide others to find their true authentic voice. Marc’s unique life experiences have now led him to an interest in officiating weddings where he can use his wisdom, grace, and calming energy to help create a wedding day experience that is more meaningful and enjoyable than you could ever expect, both for you and your guests.